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Abstürzende Brieftauben – Wer Hat An Der Uhr Gedreht…? (1994) CD Album

Band: Abstürzende Brieftauben

Album: Wer Hat An Der Uhr Gedreht...?

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock

Label: MCA Records

Release Country: Germany

Record Type: 13 Tracks CD Album

German Fun-Punk band from Hannover, founded in 1983 by Konrad K.(ittner) and Mirco "Micro" Bogumil. In 1993 Oliver Rosthal joined the band.
They split in 1997, and on 11th May 2006 Konrad Kittner passed away at the age of 44 while going for a walk.

In 2013 Mirco reformed the band and three years later they released a new album. In late 2017 the "Tauben" went on hiatus, but returned in March 2018 with yet another new lineup.

13 Tracks
1 Das Herz Eines Boxers3:49
2 Lehrer Schlau0:12
3 Steiler Zahn3:11
4 Wochenend Und Sonnenschein3:04
5 Goldener Reiter4:16
6 Tauben Vergiften Im Park2:15
7 Geh'n Sie Mit Der Konjunktur2:43
8 Hundert Mann Und Ein Befehl2:46
9 Blaue Augen3:40
10 Das Karussell2:39
11 Ja Ja Ja2:48
12 Ich Brech' Die Herzen Der Stolzesten Frau'n3:02
13 Spiel' Nicht Mit Den Schmuddelkindern4:40

"Lieder von 1928-'83"

Published by (original):
1 Alrobi Musikverlag 1930
3 Montana / EMI Electrola GmbH 1962
4 EMI Music Publishing 1929
5 Chappel & Co GmbH
6 Österr. Gesellschaft AKM 1957
7 Rialto Verlag / Polydor Int. GmbH Hamburg 1960
8 Music Music Music = ASCAP
9 P.O.E.M. Musikverlag - K.D. Müller;Berlin / Innovative Communication 1980
10 Musik-Edition Ralph Maria Siegel 1954
11 Jump Georg Glück GmbH / Phonogramm GmbH Hamburg '81
12 Wiener Bohème Musikverlag 1938
13 Masterphon Musikverlag GmbH 1972

Track 7 Additional Musician "Udo" (Brass By The Busters) unknown. There wasn't any member named Udo?!?
Track 10 Lyrics By miscredited to Bruno (Bono) Balz

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