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Adolescents – Brats In Battalions (1987) CD Album

Band: Adolescents

Album: Brats In Battalions

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Hardcore

Label: Armageddon (3)

Release Country: Germany, Austria, & Switzerland

Record Type: 13 Tracks CD Album

The Adolescents are a punk rock band from Fullerton, CA, USA. The band has broken-up and reunited a number of times and have gone through a number of line-up changes. The band was formed in 1980 by Steve Soto, who had been the original bass player for Agent Orange (7), when he hooked up an Agent Orange fan named Tony Brandenburg (better known by his multiple aliases: Tony Reflex, Tony Cadena, Tony Montana (4)). Soto then approach guitarist Rikk Agnew, but Rikk recommended his younger brother, Frank, instead. The line-up was then rounded out by guitarist John O'Donovan and drummer Peter Pan (10). Rikk Agnew quickly changed his mind about playing in the band and soon O'Donovan and Pan were replaced by Rikk and his friend, Casey Royer, respectively. This line-up recorded the band's first 7", "Amoeba", in 1980 and the ba (...)

13 Tracks
1 Brats In Battalions2:33
2 I Love You4:14
3 The Liar2:00
4 Things Start Moving3:12
5 Do The Freddy0:57
6 Losing Battle1:36
7 House Of The Rising Sun4:09
8 Peasant Song2:42
9 Skate Babylon2:50
10 Welcome To Reality2:02
11 Marching With The Reich2:06
12 I Got A Right2:47
13 She Wolf4:15

Produced By The Adolescents & Gordon R. Cox

Licensed From S.O.S. Records (# 1001, This Label Went Bankrupt Soon After The Release Of This LP)

Track 4, 6 And 10 Are Brand New Recordings Of Classic Songs (Welcome To Reality 7", 1980)

This LP Contains 2 Coverversions:

Track 7 Trad., Arranged By Adolescents

Track 12 Iggy Pop / James Williamson

Adolescents Are:

Tony Montana: Lead Vocals

Rikk Agnew: Guitar, Vocals

Steve Soto: Bass, Vocals

Dan Colburn: Guitar

Sandy Hanson: Drums

Alfie Agnew: Guitar, Vocals

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