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AFI – Very Proud Of Ya (1996) CD Album

Band: AFI

Album: Very Proud Of Ya

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Hardcore

Label: Nitro Records

Release Country: United States

Record Type: 20 Tracks CD Album

Short for "A Fire Inside". AFI is a hardcore / punk influenced rock band from California, originally formed in 1991 while the band members were still in high school. The original band members included Davey Havok (Vocals), Markus Stopholese (Guitar), Vic Chalker (Bass), & Adam Carson (Drums). Vick was replaced a short time later by Geoff Kresge who later went on to play in Blanks 77.After releasing 2 EPs the band members split to go to different colleges. However after playing a reunion show on Christmas break the band decided to get back together and concentrate on their music. Eventually the band signed to Nitro Records releasing a number of releases throughout the late 90's. In 1997 Geoff Kresge left the band and was replaced by Hunter Burgan. Markus Stopholese also left the band and was replaced by Jade Puget (ex. Redemption 87).The band later signed to Dreamworks Records and released their major label debut in 2003.

20 Tracks
1 He Who Laughs Last...1:50
2 File 131:48
3 Wake-Up Call1:42
4 Cult Status1:57
5 Perfect Fit1:58
6 Advances In Modern Technology1:40
7 Theory Of Revolution1:32
8 This Secret Ninja2:20
9 Soap Box Derby2:25
10 Aspirin Free2:45
11 Fishbowl1:51
12 Charles Atlas2:22
13 Crop Tub1:50
14 Consult My Lover1:35
15 Take The Test1:46
16 Two Of A Kind1:35
17 Shatty Fatmas1:46
18 YΓΌrf Rendenmein2:12
19 Cruise Control1:11
20 Modern Epic1:47

Β©&β“… 1996 Nitro Records
Recorded at T.M.L. Studios, Hayward, CA

All Songs Β©&β“… 1996 Anthems For Insubordinates (BMI), except "Two Of A Kind" and "YΓΌrf Rendenmein" Β©&β“… 1995 Anthems For Insubordinates (BMI) β€’ Printed in Canada

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