Agathocles – To Serve… …To Protect (1999) CD

Band: Agathocles

Album: To Serve... ...To Protect

Release Date:

Music Genre: Rock Grindcore Crust

Label: Vacation House Records

Release Country: Italy

Record Type: 16 Tracks CD

Grindcore/deathgrind band from Belgium. They call their music mincecore. Active since 1985.

16 Tracks
1 Bomb The Bastard2:28
2 Judged Too Soon1:27
3 Wage War2:11
4 To Serve... To Protect2:04
5 Hand In Hand3:15
6 Scared1:34
7 Homes Not Domes2:10
8 Full Of Hatred1:41
9 Who Cares1:32
10 Euro Nomous3:00
11 One Sided Views2:00
12 Wrong Way0:57
13 I Thought3:20
14 Living In Hell1:32
15 Cool Fools2:04
16 Tele Conning1:18

This CD was recorded totally Do It Yourself on a 4 track recorder in AG's rehearsalplace in Zichem, Belgium on Saturday 20 February 1999.

Rated 4.5/5 based on 11 customer reviews

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