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Agent Orange – Sonic Snake Session (2003) CD

Band: Agent Orange (7)

Album: Sonic Snake Session

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Surf

Label: Restless Records

Release Country: United States

Record Type: 31 Tracks CD

Influential 1980s California surf-punk band.


31 Tracks
1-1 Tearing Me Apart3:12
1-2 Somebody To Love1:53
1-3 Voices (In The Night)2:23
1-4 Fire In The Rain3:21
1-5 Bite The Hand That Feeds, Part 15:29
1-6 Bite The Hand That Feeds, Part 23:04
1-7 ...So Strange2:20
1-8 I Kill Spies2:47
1-9 It's Up To Me And You3:21
1-10 Out Of Limits2:23
1-11 Secret Agent Man2:32
1-12 This Is Not The End4:10
1-13 Shakin' All Over2:26
1-14 Say It Isn't True2:48
1-15 In Your Dreams Tonight5:04
1-16 It's In Your Head2:59
2-1 Fire In The Rain4:04
2-2 Everything Turns Grey2:24
2-3 Tearing Me Apart3:30
2-4 Too Young To Die2:11
2-5 It's In Your Head5:03
2-6 I Kill Spies3:22
2-7 Bite The Hand That Feeds, Part 15:17
2-8 Somebody To Love4:02
2-9 No Such Thing3:09
2-10 Say It Isn't True3:17
2-11 Bloodstains2:46
2-12 Pipeline2:46
2-13 The Last Goodbye3:47
2-14 Police Truck3:48
2-15 This Is Not The End3:57

Remastered collection of Agent Orange’s releases on Enigma/Restless records, plus the "Secret Agent Man / Shakin' All Over" 7" single.

Disc one contains "This Is The Voice" album, the "When You Least Expect It..." EP and the "Secret Agent Man / Shakin' All Over" 7" single.

Disc two contains the live album "Real Live Sound" recorded live at the Roxy in West Hollywood, CA, in 1990.

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