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Alkaline Trio – Remains (2020) CD DVD

Band: Alkaline Trio

Album: Remains

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Emo

Label: Vagrant Records

Release Country: United States

Record Type: 29 Tracks CD DVD

Melodic punk band from the USA, formed by guitar/vocalist Matt Skiba in late 1996. The band released most of their early material on Asian Man Records before eventually signing to Vagrant Records. The original lineup consisted of Matt Skiba (ex. Jerkwater), Glenn Porter (ex. 88 Fingers Louie), & Rob Doran. In 1997, Dan Andriano (ex. Slapstick) replaced Rob Doran on bass. Later, in early 2000, Glenn Porter left the band and was replaced by Mike Felumlee (ex. Smoking Popes) on drums. Mike Felumlee was replaced by Derek Grant in 2003.

29 Tracks
CD-1 Hell Yes
CD-2 My Standard Break From Life
CD-3 Dead End Road
CD-4 Metro
CD-5 Jaked On Green Beers
CD-6 Queen Of Pain
CD-7 While You're Waiting
CD-8 Rooftops
CD-9 Old School Reasons
CD-10 Warbrain
CD-11 Fine Without You
CD-12 Hating Every Minute
CD-13 Dead And Broken
CD-14 Sadie
CD-15 If You Had A Bad Time
CD-16 Wait For The Blackout
CD-17 We Can Never Break Up
CD-18 Don't Say You Won't
CD-19 Buried
CD-20 Dethbead (Live)
CD-21 My Standard Break From Life (Live Acoustic)
CD-22 I'm Dying Tomorrow (Live)
The Remains Of 2005 / 2006
DVD-1 Two Years Of The Road With Alkaline Trio
DVD-2 Bonus Features
The Videos
DVD-3 Stupid Kid
DVD-4 We've Had Enough
DVD-5 Time To Waste
DVD-6 Mercy Me
DVD-7 Burn

Rarities And B-Side album released as part of Alkaline Trio's last record on Vagrant Records before signing to V2.

Tracks CD-1 to CD-3 recorded at Pachyderm Studios
Tracks CD-1, CD-2 originally released on Lookout! Records "Hell Yes" 7"
Track CD-2 also released on Asian Man Records compilation "Plea For Peace: Take Action Volume 1"
Track CD-3 originally released on Asian Man Records compilation "Living Tomorrow Today: A Benefit For Ty Cambra"

Tracks CD-4, CD-5 recorded and mixed at Atlas Studios
Track CD-4 originally released on Vagrant Records compilation "Another Year On The Streets - Volume 2"
Track CD-5 originally released on the Side One Dummy compilation "Atticus: Dragging The Lake - Volume 1"

Tracks CD-6 to CD-8 recorded at Semaphore Studios and mixed at Atlas Studios, originally released on the Jade Tree Records Hot Water Music/Alkaline Trio split

Track CD-9 recorded in an oil bleeding facility on Chicago's south side, originally released on the Thick Records compilation "Oil"

Tracks CD-10 to CD-16 recorded and mixed at Atlas Studios
Track CD-10 originally released on the Fat Wreck Chords compilation "Rock Against Bush - Volume 1"
Tracks CD-11 to CD-16 originally released on the BYO records One Man Army/Alkaline Trio xplit

Tracks CD-17 to CD-19 recorded at Conway Studios and mixed at Sonic Iguana Studios
Tracks CD-17, CD-18 originally released on the Vagrant Records "Time To Waste" UK Single
Track CD-19 originally released on the Vagrant Records "Mercy Me" UK Single

Tracks CD-20 to CD-22 recorded at Avalon Hollywood 6/2/06 during the "Occult Roots" tour, mixed at Allegiance Sound.

The remains of 2005/2006
Two years on the road with Alkaline Trio
Filmed & Edited by Josh Stern

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