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ALL – Million Bucks (1994) CD

– Punk, Rock.
ALL is a melodic punk band formed by members of the Descendents after the departure of their lead singer Milo Aukerman in 1987.

Also see Tony All, which features former Descendents member Tony Lombardo with ALL.

The instrumental lineup of ALL has remained constant since the recording of the Descendents’ album titled "All", consisting of guitarist Stephen Egerton, bassist Karl Alvarez, and drummer Bill Stevenson. Stevenson is the only original member of the Descendents, and he also spent time in Black Flag.

ALL’s first two albums, "Allroy For Prez" (1988) and "Allroy Sez ….." (1988) were recorded with vocalist Dave Smalley, formerly of DYS and Dag Nasty. Scott Reynolds then took over vocals until being replaced by current singer Chad Price beginning with the 1993 album "Breaking Things".

ALL joined major label Interscope Records for 1995’s "Pummel" but disputes over marketing and promotion of the album resulted in a swift departure from the label. "Mass Nerder" (1998) was their first release for Epitaph, with which they are no longer under contract.

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