Amber Rose on Critics of Her Son’s Makeup: ‘I Hate People!’


By Rahul Lal

Amber Rose has taken some flack lately for a photo of her son, Sebastian, that she posted on Instagram. The photo shows her son wearing black lipstick as part of a costume and she caught a lot of hate over it. On her podcast, Loveline with Amber Rose, she explained the situation.

“We watched It, the clown movie by Stephen King,” she began. “We went to the Halloween store and he wanted to be a killer clown so I put blood all over him and I did the makeup and the hair and stuff like that. I put black on his lips, you know what people were saying? [They were saying] I really wanted a girl so I dress him up. He’s dressed as a f—ing clown. They said ‘She’s putting lipstick on him, he’s going to be very confused with his sexuality.’ He had black lipstick as a killer clown. I hate people. Oh, and guess what? You can’t make anyone gay.”

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Amber has explained in previous episodes that both she and her son enjoy painting his nails to be his favorite color and he’s comfortable with things that are more typically considered to be feminine. As a child, she dressed herself in men’s clothing and even wore hats and never felt confused about her gender or identity.

“My son loves getting makeup on – Halloween makeup,” she said. “He never says ‘Hey mommy, can you do makeup like a princess?’ He says ‘Hey mommy, can you do makeup like a zombie so I can go scare Benji in his room and wake him up?’ That’s his s—. Listen, I dress my son up everyday in a costume because he f—ing loves it. Whoever doesn’t like it, go f— yourself and I really feel bad for your f—ing kids, if you have them or when you have them, because you’re going to block their creativity and you’re going to block who they could possibly be as a person.”

Amber’s co-host, Dr. Chris Donaghue, is a licensed therapist and offered a supporting take on Amber’s opinion. “As a mental health expert, if you’re uncomfortable with the idea of your kid being gay, you’re not mature enough psychologically to have a child,” he explained. “If you’re not able to hold space for your kid being whatever gender they choose – both, neither, depending on the day, everything, nothing – if you’re not ready to handle that they’re maybe going to be gay, straight, bi, trans, intersex, whatever, you’re not mature enough psychologically to have a kid, so please wait.”

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As the show got into the second portion and spoke to listeners answering their questions, one caller explained that she was in a dilemma. The caller is currently graduating from graduate school but is drowning in student debt. She was interested in being a sugar baby and finding men to pay for her dinners and give her money for companionship. Both her and her boyfriend were comfortable with the idea of this but Amber expressed how difficult it would likely be to keep it like that as men would unfortunately feel entitled to something more than just mere companionship when money is involved.

“You’re 24 years old, go be a stripper,” she encouraged the woman. “Girl, s—. Listen, if you work at a reputable strip club and you go in, it’s an honest living, you’re not prostituting yourself, you’re not doing anything extra, [there are] a lot of really great strip clubs, men are not even allowed to touch you at all. You’re inside of a club, they have the rules there. You don’t really have to enforce them, the security in the club will enforce the rules for you. I’ve danced with so many girls that have got a lot of money and paid off their student loans.”

“When I tell you it’s an honest living,” she started explaining, “this is what I used to tell the young girls that were coming up as I got older. A lot of guys will offer you a lot of money to do a lot of things, you keep everything within the strip club. That’s it. It was great money.”

Listen to the full episode of Loveline with Amber Rose below.

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