Amulet – Danger! Danger! (2020) CD Album

Band: Amulet

Album: Danger! Danger!

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Hardcore

Label: Columbia

Release Country: Norway

Record Type: 11 Tracks CD Album

Norwegian hardcore group from Oslo. Founded in September 1993, by Lars and Torgny. Members: Torgny Amdam: Vocals Lars Rasmussen: Guitar Espen Follestad: Guitar & backing vocals Jonas Thire: Drums Former members: Arne Haabeth: Bass Truls Berg: Drums Jay Torres: Bass Andreas Tylden: Bass Robin Snasen Rengård: Bass

11 Tracks
1 Breaking News4:11
2 Danger Danger3:30
3 Billboards In The Sky3:42
4 We Are Thunders3:25
5 Fast Times Flow3:19
6 Money To Burn3:09
7 Revengeful...2:42
8 Nine Lives3:34
9 Fascination Inn3:06
10 Vanishing (Entering Ghosts)2:42
11 Friday Night Forever3:53

Recorded at Crystal Canyon and The Music Loft.
Mixed at Athletic Sound.
Mastered at Strype Audio.

Gang Chorus on track 1 made by Class 7B (2002-2003) at Grünerløkka Skole.

P 2003 Amulet Music.
C 2003 Sony Music Entertainment Inc.

Cat.# "COL 512330 2" appears on the spines, back cover and the CD.
Cat.# "5123302000" appears on the back cover and the CD.
Cat.# "5123302003" appears on the last page of the booklet (bottom right corner).

Track durations are not listed on the cover and are taken from the CD player.

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