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Annihilation Radio #203 (03.17.18)

  Started the show off with a track from the Ghoul Night Out collection LP that you can grab yourself a copy from via the Sorry State Records website or your favorite distro of choice. After that and another track from the Extended Hell EP that Brain Solvent Propaganda recently released, I started playing songs from random 7 inches that I have in tiny milk crates all over my house. Thanks for listening!

1.) Ghoul – “Goddumnd”
2.) Extended Hell – “Armchair Killers”
3.) Chaos UK – “Four Minute Warning”
4.) Nightfall – “Bloody Death Dealers”
5.) Paradox – “Diseased”
6.) Gasmask Terror – “Dead End”
7.) Stress SS – “Personlighetens Seger”
8.) Romantic Gorilla – “Congratulation”
9.) Glam – “Duelo de Titanes”
10.) Koward – “Overbred”
11.) Slugga – “Parasite”
12.) The Carnival – “Henki-Mieli-Liha”
13.) Kromosom – “Paranoid”
14.) Zatsuon – “Life End”

If the download source is down, corrupt, or the link is not correct, please post a comment informing us of it. I will fix it as soon as possible. For release information about the albums we played on this show, visit this page.

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