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  Started the show off this week with a banger off of Forawrd’s new album entitled Another Dimension that is available for pre-order on the Punk Distro Webstore. After that, some really killer new demos rocked your eardrums, including a fantastic track from Pryss. I played two sets of recent vinyl purchases and finished with some banging new releases. Definitely check out Physique’s release on Iron Lung Records. It’s a ripper!

1.) Forward – “Change The Dimensions”
2.) Pryss – “Broca’s Area”
3.) Slant – “Prison”
4.) Pleasure – “Panic”
5.) Control – “Desistir”
6.) Disclose – “The Holocaust of War”
7.) Framtid – “Mind and Action”
8.) Pisschrist – “Final Stand”
9.) Apparratus – “Fear of Bombraid”
10.) Warvictims – “Doden Fran Ovan”
11.) Consume – “Logical Limits Exceeded”
12.) State of Fear – “Just A Statistic”
13.) Violencia – “Sentencia Moral”
14.) Ojo Por Ojo – “Camino al Cadalso”
15.) Physique – “Punk Life Is Shit”
16.) Honnor SS – “A Perfect Day To Die”

If the download source is down, corrupt, or the link is not correct, please post a comment informing us of it. I will fix it as soon as possible. For release information about the albums we played on this show, visit this page.

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