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Annihilation Radio #206 (05.26.18)

  Skull Fest 2018 show!! We played a bunch of the killer bands that will be annihilating all of you dirty punk bastards this year in Pittsburgh! Lacey got in on the fun this time and played a killer set of the most likely headliners of the fest (lineups tbd). I played some other scorchers, including a new one from Parasytes off of their upcoming EP! Thanks for listening!

1.) Warpath – “Abomination”
2.) Complex – “La Piedra en mi Camino”
3.) Dronez – “In Ashes”
4.) S.P.I.C. – “Cities Are Burning”
5.) Drug Lust – “Rusted Pliers”
6.) Annihilation Time – “Imaginary Mirror”
7.) Mob 47 – “Stop The Slaughter”
8.) Lebenden Toten – “Near Dark”
9.) Arctic Flowers – “Neon Tombs”
10.) Parasytes – “Boxed In”
11.) Isotope – “Midnight Soldier”
12.) Protes Bengt – “B.S.B.”
13.) Haram – “American Police”

If the download source is down, corrupt, or the link is not correct, please post a comment informing us of it. I will fix it as soon as possible. For release information about the albums we played on this show, visit this page.

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Toxic Narcotic - Shoot people, not dope

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Old punks never die

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The Mob - No doves fly here

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