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Download Annihilation Radio #220 (02.16.19) Megaupload


File download is hosted on Megaupload

  Tons of new demos and releases were played on this weeks show including two tracks from the upcoming American Idylls compilation that Sorry State is going to release next month! Thanks to Rudi for the submission of the First Track we heard. Total banger! Oh and Extended Hell is touring next month so click that link to see where they are playing!

1.) Pozoga – “Wolfpack Attack”
2.) Hex Cysts – “Larval Light”
3.) Frantic – “Drunkard”
4.) Eteraz – “Eyes”
5.) Pressure Rising – “Loaded Guns”
6.) Extended Hell – “Track Two”
7.) Public Acid – “Flag Fetish”
8.) ISS – “(Uni)Forming (ATL)”
9.) Larma – “Track Five”
10.) Syringe – “Leash”
11.) Poster-Iti – “Bunu Ben Mi Sectim”
12.) Fried Egg – “Grin and Bear”
13.) Slant – “Hunger”
14.) Warfear – “Terrifying War”
15.) Braincell – “Myth of Insecurity”

If the download source is down, corrupt, or the link is not correct, please post a comment informing us of it. I will fix it as soon as possible. For release information about the albums we played on this show, visit this page.

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