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Band Name: Anti Cimex

Music Album: '81-'86 Discography

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Hardcore

Record Label: Black Konflik Records

Album Release Country: Malaysia

Music Record Type: 20 Tracks Cassette

Swedish hardcore punk band. Anti Cimex formed in 1981 and existed roughly up to 1993. They were considered as one of the so-called D-beat punk bands, in Sweden also called "Kängpunk", inspired in particular by the English hardcore punk band Discharge, who invented the style.

20 Tracks
Anarkist Attack 7" ('81)
A01 Svaveldioxid0:59
A02 Heroindod1:22
A03 Drommusik1:02
A04 Anti-Cimex1:13
Raped Ass 7" (83)
A05 When The Innocent Die1:59
A06 War Machine1:59
A07 Total Silence1:44
A08 Cries Of Pain1:14
A09 Raped Ass1:12
Victims Of Bombraid 7" (83)
A10 Desperate Hour1:11
A11 Game Of The Arseholes1:31
A12 Victims Of A Bomb Raid2:40
B13 Set Me Free1:20
Criminal Trap 12" (86)
B14 Prelude E-Minor2:58
B15 Criminal Trap3:51
B16 Time To?1:29
B17 Make My Day1:34
B18 Smell Of Silence2:20
B19 Painkiller3:56
B20 Set Me Free1:52

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