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Anti – The Hardcore Years 1980-84 (2022) CD Album

Band: Anti (6)

Album: The Hardcore Years 1980-84

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Hardcore

Label: Grand Theft Audio

Release Country: United States

Record Type: 37 Tracks CD Album

ANTI are an American DIY hardcore political punk rock band from the early South Bay, Los Angeles punk movement in 1979. Formed by a then teenage Danny Phillips better know by Danny Dean the guitarist, original vocalist, primary songwriter and sole continuous member through multiple lineup changes in the band and the late Gary Kail of Zurich 1916 Creative Nihilism. Predominantly known by their peers and fans for self-producing several of the most collected vinyl compilations and the start up of one of the first DIY South Bay punk labels New Underground Records.

37 Tracks
I Don't Want To Die In Your War
1 I'm Going Insane1:12
2 The Cycle1:18
3 Streets1:08
4 What Do You Do1:17
5 Fight War Not Wars1:29
6 Acid Test0:58
7 I Don't Want To Die In Your War1:59
8 New Underground1:17
9 Pushed Around0:49
10 I Hate You0:58
11 Poseur0:45
Defy The System
12 I Try1:28
13 Lies1:58
14 Your Government's Calling You1:43
15 Working In A Factory1:34
16 Maps Of The Stars Homes1:19
17 Your Problems2:16
18 Five Downtown2:53
19 Nothing New1:48
20 Club Me Like A Baby Seal1:17
21 Backfire Bomber2:16
22 Be Free2:03
23 Overthrow The Government1:06
24 Parents Of Punks1:24
25 Repressed Aggression2:28
God Can't Bounce
26 Fight War Not Wars1:17
27 We Will Die1:03
28 Media Scam1:58
29 Up At Four1:37
30 Backfire Bomber #22:06
31 I Don't Wanna Die #22:01
32 I Hate Being Single1:16
33 Nothing Means Nothing1:16
34 Tied & Shackled0:34
35 I Won't Be Coming Back2:37
36 (Hidden Track)2:04
37 (Hidden Track)8:49

3 LP's on 1 CD!

Recorded at: Total Access, Redondo Beach & Kitchen Sync, Hollywood.

Tracks 36 & 37 recorded & mixed at the Speed Semen Clove Factory, North Hollywood, CA.

Final Master at Two Guys From The Valley.

Rated 4.5/5 based on 179 customer reviews

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