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Crass - You're already dead

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Download Antiseen – One Live Son Of A Bitch… And A Hell Of A Lot More! (2022) CD Album Remastered DVD Megaupload

Information about this music album download:

Band Name: Antiseen

Music Album: One Live Son Of A Bitch... And A Hell Of A Lot More!

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Hardcore

Record Label: Steel Cage Records

Album Release Country: United States

Music Record Type: 36 Tracks CD Album Remastered DVD

Antiseen are a Charlotte, NC based punk rock band founded 1983 by Jeff Clayton (2) and Joe Young.

Current Line-up:
Jeff Clayton - Vocals
Russ Ward - Guitar
Sir Barry Hannibal - Drums
Malcolm Tent - Bass
Past Members:.
The Gooch - drums
Joe Young - guitar
Jon Bowman- bass
Phil Keller- drums
Doug Canipe - bass
Greg Clayton - drums
Dale Duncan - bass
Marlon Cherry - bass
Doug Throgmorton - drums
Thomas O'Keefe - bass
Tripp McNeill - bass
Sir Barry Hannibal - drums
Byron "Spitbubble" McDonald - drums
Lee "Flea" Howard - bass
Steve Sadler - drums
Brad Keeter - drums
Bill Cates - bass
Mitch Cooper - drums
Joe Williams - bass, keyboards
Dana "Ace" Davis - guitar

36 Tracks
CD1-1 Today Your Love2:02
CD1-2 Stormtrooper1:39
CD1-3 Animals Eat 'Em2:46
CD1-4 I've Aged Twenty Years In Five2:28
CD1-5 Glad I Am The Way I Am2:09
CD1-6 Haunted House3:08
CD1-7 Thanks A Lot1:39
CD1-8 Queen City Stomp1:36
CD1-9 Deeds Of The Damned4:01
CD1-10 Cactus Jack1:13
CD1-11 Trapped In Dixie1:56
CD1-12 Ruby, Get Back To The Hills1:46
CD1-13 Hammerhead2:39
CD1-14 Star Whore1:32
CD1-15 I Dont Like You1:47
CD1-16 Fuck All Ya'll2:30
CD2-1 Star Spangled Banner2:08
CD2-2 Your Gonna Tote An Asskickin'2:23
CD2-3 Wifebeater1:52
CD2-4 Lil' Sister3:48
CD2-5 Cock On The Loose2:43
CD2-6 Heavy Mud2:27
CD2-7 Last Days On Earth2:21
CD2-8 Break It Off2:39
CD2-9 (We Will Not) Remember You2:26
CD2-10 Spare Change2:55
CD2-11 Self Induced Lobotomy1:58
CD2-12 Funk U2:34
CD2-13 Star Whore1:38
CD2-14 Mean Woman Blues1:55
CD2-15 We Got This Far Without You3:21
CD2-16 Old Man Hit The Road4:18
DVD-1 Halloween Show64:02
DVD-2 Barbed Wire Show36:06
DVD-3 Destructo Video22:45
DVD-4 "What’s Cool With Me"11:34

Originally released as a single CD album in 1997 on Death Train Records.

Disc one tracks recorded at Churchill's Hideaway, Miami, Florida 6/23/95.

Track CD2-2 recorded at Jeramiahs, Charlotte, NC 4/96.

Tracks CD2-3 to CD2-5 recorded at the Milestone, Charlotte, NC 2/94.

Track CD2-6 recorded in Finland, 1993.

Tracks CD2-7 and 8 recorded at The Empty Bottle, Chicago, Il 1993.

Track CD2-9 recorded at The Silver Dollar Saloon, Rock Hill, SC 7/95.

Tracks CD2-11 to 15 recorded at The Outhouse, Lawerence, KS 8/97.

Track CD2-16 recorded at the Milestone, Charlotte, NC 12/91.

DVD Halloween Show recorded live at Tremont Music Hall, Charlotte, NC 10/31/97.

DVD Barbed Wire Show recorded live at Jeramiahs, Charlotte, NC 10/29/94.

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