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Asbestos – To The Memory Of The War Victim…. (1994) CD

Band: Asbestos

Album: To The Memory Of The War Victim....

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Hardcore

Label: Tribal War Asia Records

Release Country: Japan

Record Type: 27 Tracks CD

Japanese hard core punk band with metal guitar riffing, gruffy vocals and war related lyrics.

27 Tracks
1 Nothing
2 Extermination
3 Worst Your Life
4 Born To Kill
5 Atomic Bomber
6 Asbestos
7 Burning
8 Fight Back
9 Born To Kill
10 Atomic Bomber
11 Ash Of Death
12 Destroy Control Destroy System
13 Hate War
14 An Eye For An Eye
15 Real Now
16 No War No Nukes No Violence
17 Resistance
18 Nightmare
19 Pressure
20 No Escape From Reality
21 Criminal War
22 The Final Solution・・・Dooms Day
23 In The Death Agony
24 Demilitarized
25 残骸
26 Over The Wae
27 Killing Field

Tracks 1-5 taken from demo tape 1987.

Tracks 6-10 taken from War Crisis EP 1988.

Tracks 11-22 taken from The Final Solution... LP 1989.

Tracks 23-24 taken from V/A The Bottom Rise Up The Top flexi 1990.

Tracks 25-26 taken from V/A Smashing Odds Ness 2 LP 1991.

Track 27 taken from V/A 革命-Best Run Fast LP/CD 1991.

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