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Download Assück – Blindspot (1992) Vinyl 7″ Reissue Megaupload

Information about this music album download:

Band Name: Assück

Music Album: Blindspot

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Grindcore

Record Label: Schematics Records

Album Release Country: United States

Music Record Type: 7 Tracks Vinyl 7" Reissue

American punk grindcore band from St. Petersburg, Florida.

Final line-up:
* Rob Proctor - Drums (ex-Crucible, Anthem Eighty Eight, No Fraud, Manic Dose, Nasty Savage, Cease, Discordance Axis)
* Jason Crittenden - Bass (ex-Reversal of Man, Early Grace, Anthem Eighty Eight, Frogg Pound)
* Steve Heritage - Guitar, Vocals (ex- Jud-Jud, Bombs of Death, Anthem Eighty Eight, People's Court)

Past line-up:
* Paul Pavlovich - Vocals (ex-Track The Curse, currently in Exit Sect)
* Dave "Spinach" Malinsky - Vocals (ex-Sweet Pickles, Merkin, Spring, On Edge, currently in Worlds)
* Austin Farrell - Roadie
* Daryl Kahan - Vocals "1993/1994 European tour" (ex-Citizens Arrest, Abazagorath, Funebrarum, Voice of Hate, Taste of Fear)
* Pete Jay - Bass (ex-Meatwagon, No Fraud, Manic Dose, Peepole, Black Queen, currently in Oakhelm)
* Steve Kosiba - Bass (ex-Inhumanity, Scrotum Grinder, Ice Pick, Watermark 6000)


7 Tracks
A1 Blood And Cloth
A2 Automate
A3 Within Without
B1 Blindspot
B2 By Design
B3 Spine
B4 Infanticide

Comes with printed inner sleeve.

Recorded June and July 1992.

Additional vocals uncredited.

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