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Atom And His Package – A Society Of People Named Elihu (1997) CD Album

Band: Atom And His Package

Album: A Society Of People Named Elihu

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Electronic Rock New Wave Synth-pop

Label: Suzuki Beane

Release Country: United States

Record Type: 20 Tracks CD Album

The champion of awkward suburban males the world over, Adam Goren started making synth punk rock in 1996, combining a guitar with a QY700 sequencer, affectionately known as "The Package" and an uncany ability to not take music too seriously. After opening up for the band Franklin on an east coast tour, Atom and His Package released his first CD, appropriately titled "The First CD". After a dozen or so releases, several national and international tours, Atom and His Package called it quits on August 29, 2003 at a show in Philadelphia. Reasons sited were an expected child and diagnoses of Type 1 Diabetes. The final show was documented in the final release on Hopeless Records called "Hair: Debatable", a CD/DVD combination.

20 Tracks
1 Punk Rock Academy2:14
2 Happy Birthday Ralph2:08
3 Goalie2:14
4 80's Bastard1:38
5 People In This Computer Lab Should Shut The Hell Up0:45
6 Waiting Room1:27
7 Jenny S.2:14
8 Philadelphia2:28
9 Meatball1:28
10 Happy Birthday General1:37
11 Sting Cannot Possibly Be The Same Guy Who Was In The Police0:49
12 Me And My Black Metal Friends2:18
13 180 Lbs.1:51
14 Break Down The Walls1:34
15 You Took Me By Surprise2:20
16 Reset The Crotchelator2:21
17 Connor, Welcome1:51
18 No Head2:12
19 Pat And Atom Are Friends1:32
20 No Way DNA1:32

9000 copies.

This version comes in a jewel case. There is another version of A Society Of People Named Elihu in a digipack style.

Rated 4.5/5 based on 206 customer reviews

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