Aufbruch – Flexibel (2020) Cassette Album

Band: Aufbruch

Album: Flexibel

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock

Label: Phantasia Records

Release Country: Germany

Record Type: 10 Tracks Cassette Album

Punk band from East Germany (GDR), founded 1986 by Ralf Mattern (Vocals), Kai-Uwe Scheffler (Guitar), Gerald Wirth (Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals, Kazoo), Tilo Hähnel (Drums, Keybords, Strings Arrangements) under the name Flexibel. They broke up in June 2009. The first gig was in 1987, in 1989 they were banned from the scene by the goverment of East Germany shortly before the wall is fallen down.

10 Tracks
A1 Die Wölfe Heulen Wieder
A2 Pflasterstein
A3 Laß Uns Lachen (In Unserem Schmerz)
A4 König Und Gott
A5 Abend In Der Stadt
B1 Die Rebellen Sind Nicht Tot
B2 Lied Für Die Arroganten Bonzen
B3 Aufbruch
B4 Komm, Nimm Meine Hand
B5 Wir Fahren Durch Den Tag

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