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Band Name: Avengers

Music Album: Died For Your Sins

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock

Record Label: Lookout! Records

Album Release Country: United States

Music Record Type: 21 Tracks CD

Formed in San Francisco in 1977 by Penelope Houston (vocals), Greg Ingraham (guitar), and Danny Furious (drums). Jimmy Wilsey took over bass duties early on. They quickly became favorites on the West Coast punk scene at clubs like Mabuhay Gardens and Whiskey a Go-Go. The classic Dangerhouse single, "We Are the One," was released later that year. Supporting act for what turned out to be Sex Pistols' last show, they recorded another anthem, "The American in Me," with Steve Jones. After Greg left in late '78, Brad Kent (ex- DOA) joined and the band recorded the Nietzschean power ballad, "Corpus Christi." Known around the punk world and without ever having played outside the West Coast, the group disbanded in 1979.

In support of "Died For Your Sins," Penelope and Greg played a few shows as the scAvengers in 1999 with Joel Reader (ex- Mr. T Experience) on bass and Danny Panic (ex- Screeching Weasel) on drums. In 2004, they started to play select shows in Europe and US.


21 Tracks
1 Teenage Rebel1:55
2 Friends Of Mine2:13
3 White Nigger3:24
4 The Good And The Bad And The Kowalskis5:01
5 I Want In2:37
6 Crazy Homicide2:02
7 The End Of The World3:35
8 ("Fools Or Hippies" Spoken Intro)0:29
9 The American In Me1:41
10 ("Get Up!" Spoken Intro)0:15
11 Open Your Eyes2:17
12 Car Crash3:39
13 Tiny Pink Noise0:23
14 Fuck You2:15
15 Joker's Wild2:14
16 Something's Wrong2:43
17 ("Wrong Town" Spoken Intro)0:29
18 Desperation2:26
19 I Believe In Me2:56
20 Money2:10
21 We Are The One2:35

1,2+4 rehearsal recorded at Iguana Studios 1978

3 recorded at Wally Heider Studios 1978

5-7 recorded at The Roof Brothers Studio 1998

8-12 recorded live at Mabuhay Gardens 1978

13+14 live at The Keystone, Berkeley 1977

15-18 live in Santa Cruz 1978

19 recorded live at The Keystone, Palo Alto 1977

20+21 recorded live at The Whiskey A-Go-Go, 1978

Tracks 15 to 17 are CD bonus tracks

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