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Babes In Toyland – Painkillers (1993) CD EP

Band: Babes In Toyland

Album: Painkillers

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Alternative Rock

Label: Reprise Records

Release Country: United States

Record Type: 6 Tracks CD EP

American Rock / Grunge band, formed in 1987 in Minneapolis.
Babes In Toyland split in 2001, but reunited more than a decade later in August 2014.
In August 2015 Maureen Herman announced that she's no longer with the band.
In 2020, Lori Barbero announced the band split once again.

6 Tracks
1 He's My Thing2:56
2 Laredo2:42
3 Istigkeit4:23
4 Ragweed3:21
5 Angel Hair3:56
6 Fontanellette (Live At CBGB's)33:59

Sorcerer Sound, New York
Pachyderm Discs, Minneapolis
Hanzek Audio, Seattle
Warehouse Studio, Vancouver
CBGBomfug, New York
Future Disc Systems, Los Angeles

The original version of He's My Thing appeared on Spanking Machine. The version on this disc is a rerecording.

Fontanellette recorded live at CBGB's, April 1992. This consists of songs drawn from Fontanelle (and "Angel Hair", which is not mentioned in the booklet). The following songs are included: "Bruise Violet", "Bluebell", "Angel Hair", "Pearl", "Blood", "Magick Flute", "Won't Tell", "Realeyes", "Spun", "Mother", "Handsome & Gretel".

All songs Β© 1993 Zomba Enterprises Inc./No Dukey Music Publishing Inc. (ASCAP) except:
"He's My Thing" Β© 1989 Southern Songs/No Dukey Music Publishing (ASCAP)
"Fontanellette" Β© 1992 Zomba Enterprises Inc./No Dukey Music Publishing Inc. (ASCAP)

Β©β„—1993 Reprise Records, a Time Warner Company. Made in U.S.A. Mfg. by WEA Manufacturing.

Pink, rectangle sticker on jewel case cover states: STERN WARNING! If you value your broadcasting license as much as we do, you won't even THINK of playing track number six of this EP which we call "Fontanellette". This live "track" contains verbiage which people like the Reverend Donald Wildmon (who is a big fan of your show) might consider sick and wrong. Trust us, you don't want FCC agents storming your station in riot gear, screaming, "Get on the floor now, subversive intellectual!" Repeat this and remember: "I will not play 'Fontanellette' on the air. Ix-nay on track 6. 'Fontanellette on MY playlist is a bozo-no-no!" ...Again! 9-45339-DJ

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