Bad Brains – The Youth Are Getting Restless (Live At The Paradiso, Amsterdam 1987) (1990) Vinyl Album LP

Band: Bad Brains

Album: The Youth Are Getting Restless (Live At The Paradiso, Amsterdam 1987)

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Hardcore Dub

Label: Caroline Melody

Release Country: Europe

Record Type: 17 Tracks Vinyl Album LP

American rock band formed in Washington, D.C. in 1977, widely regarded as the pioneers of hardcore punk. They are also an adept reggae band, while later recordings featured elements of other genres like funk, heavy metal, hip hop and soul. Bad Brains are followers of the Rastafari movement. Originally formed as a jazz fusion ensemble under the name Mind Power. Classic line-up: H.R. (Paul D. Hudson) — lead vocals (1978–1987, 1989–1990, 1994–1995, 1998–present), guitar (1977–1978) Dr. Know (Gary Miller (4)) — guitar (1977–1995, 1998–present) Darryl Jenifer — bass (1977–1995, 1998–present) Earl Hudson — drums, percussion (1977–1987, 1989–1990, 1994–1995, 1998–present) The original line up broke up many times and some musicians replaced H.R. and Earl Hudson:

17 Tracks
A1 I2:33
A2 Rock For Light1:40
A3 Right Brigade2:31
A4 House Of Suffering2:05
A5 Day Tripper / She's A Rainbow4:52
A6 Coptic Times2:11
A7 Sacred Love3:27
A8 Re-ignition4:31
B1 Let Me Help1:54
B2 The Youth Are Getting Restless3:58
B3 Banned In D.C.2:15
B4 Sailin' On1:52
B5 Fearless Vampire Killer1:12
B6 At The Movies2:52
B7 Revolution (Dub)4:26
B8 Pay To Cum1:41
B9 Big Takeover3:26

Recorded live at The Paradiso, Amsterdam, May 28th, 1987 by VPRO/NOS mobile

Includes printed inner sleeve, with credits and band photo.

Label code LC 3098 for Virgin on back cover.
Label code LC 3261 for Caroline on labels.

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