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Bastos are a four-piece emo/screamo band from Bucharest, Romania that began in 2014 (presumably). Thus far, they’ve put out one split and one LP, which are both incredibly solid efforts. Style-wise, they play a blend of emo and screamo influence, taking the clean, noodly and melancholic guitar work of midwestern emo and conjoining with the shrieked vocals and chaotic drums of screamo. Fans of bands like Merchant Ships and You’ll Live will see the immediate appeal here. Definitely check this band out ASAP, they are one to watch out for. Enjoy.

1. Bastos – No Handle
2. Bastos – Fingers Crossed
3. Pandrea – Cămătar

1. Sherilyn Fenn
2. Man Walking Into Theater
3. Henry Parker
4. Monroe
5. Party Guest Carla
6. Mrs. Valentine
7. Principal Howard Green
8. No Doubt

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