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Band Name: Beefeater

Music Album: Plays For Lovers & House Burning Down

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Funk Metal Hardcore

Record Label: Dischord Records

Album Release Country: USA & Europe

Music Record Type: 29 Tracks CD

29 Tracks
Plays For Lovers
1 Trash Funk1:13
2 Reaganomix1:39
3 Song For Lucky3:54
4 4-3-2-10:39
5 Mr. Silverbird3:24
6 Manic D.4:31
7 Mourning2:11
8 Satyagrana2:29
9 A Dog Day2:28
10 Red Carpet2:43
11 Assholes3:40
12 Beefeater2:04
13 Fred's Song2:35
14 I Miss You1:32
15 Out Of The Woods2:14
16 Wars In Space1:40
House Burning Down
17 Just Things3:28
18 Bedlam Rainforest3:36
19 Move Me Strong3:30
20 One Soul Down2:43
21 Ain't Got No Time0:09
22 Sinking Me2:37
23 Dover Beach2:08
24 Insurrection Chant3:34
25 40 Sonnets On Plants1:48
26 With You Always2:03
27 Freditude2:14
28 Live The Life4:22
29 Blind Leads Blind2:36

This CD features the Beefeater LPs Beefeater - Plays For Lovers and Beefeater - House Burning Down, plus two additional tracks (16 and 29).

"Plays for Lovers" (Songs 1-16) - Recorded February and April 1985 at Innerear Studios.
"House Burning Down" (Songs 17-29) - Recorded Spring 1986 at Innerear Studios. Track 16 originally released on "Alive and Kicking", a 7-inch.

Track 29 originally released on "The A.L.F. is watching you and there's no place to hide", a compilation LP against Animal Experimentation.

Made in France

Some copies include a sticker on the back which includes a barcode and European distribution code.

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