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Benton Falls were a three-piece (originally four-piece) emo/indie band from Santa Rosa, California that formed in 2000 and broke up in 2010. They released two incredible full-length records, as well as a compilation of previously unreleased material, all on Deep Elm Records. Sonically, Benton Falls took their cues from the great emo bands of the decade that preceded them, such as Sunny Day Real Estate and Braid. They utilized quiet, twisting, clean arpeggios, moody, melodic vocals, and explosive build-ups of furious, distorted octave chords and screamed vocals. Their songwriting is top-notch, and they really hit the melancholic note that the genre is renowned for. This band is highly, highly recommended for any fan of that classic emo sound that obviously influenced its current revival. Quick side note, guitarist/vocalist Michael Richardson was a member of The Jealous Sound during their last few years of existence. Enjoy.

1. All These Things
2. Swimming With You
3. Fighting Starlight
4. Sad Like Winter Leaves
5. Always Behind A Smile
6. June Port Bridge
7. No Hero
8. Coastal
9. Back To Nothing
10. Eudora
1. The Housecall Could Kill
2. The Race To Die
3. Bitter By Choice
4. Trial And Terror
5. Angel On Hiatus
6. Like Portraits On Walls
7. There’s No “F” In Team
8. Defining The Warm-Up
9. Beneath The Ashes And Lies
10. Broken Frame

1. Occupied For Now
2. Hold Out
3. Tell Him
4. These Lies
5. Zinfandel Dream
6. Angel On Hiatus (feat. Clair De Lune)
7. Untitled Demo 1
8. Untitled Demo 2
9. Untitled Demo 3
10. Untitled Demo 4
11. Untitled Demo 5
12. Untitled Demo 6

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