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Best Witches are a four-piece emo/indie band from Chicago, Illinois that were around from 2013 to 2014. In that time, they put one album and one EP. Sonically, they’re pretty hard to pin down. They’ve definitely rooted in Midwestern emo (in the Cap’n Jazz vein), but incorporate minor elements that fall somewhere between garage and math rock. They craft some odd sounds that can really only be described with the cop out “experimental” tag. Basically they created some really interesting music in their time, and proved that the wave of emo bands coming out of the Midwest could expand and tinker with the definitive sound. Enjoy.

1. Margot’s Song
2. I’ve Got An Idea, Man
3. Bird Riff
4. Warped
5. Cubby
6. Glowing Green Tomahawk

1. Orange Things
2. Weaver
3. Heat Moves
4. Labor Day
5. Me & Hawkins
6. Muffie
7. Skeleton
8. Wrinkles
9. Muffie’s Return
10. Happy Guy

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