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Band Name: Betagarri

Music Album: Basque Fire

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Reggae Ska

Record Label: Jaro Medien

Album Release Country: Europe

Music Record Type: 11 Tracks CD

11 Tracks
1 Nora Joan Ziren? [Where Did They Go?]4:42
2 Hemen Erdian [Here In The Middle]3:53
3 Boom Egin Eta Krash!!! [To Boom And Crash!!!]4:04
4 Arren Erro Zaharra [Male's Old Root]4:28
5 Lana (Egunez Joan Eta Gauez Etorri) [Work (Going In The Morning And Coming Back At Night)])5:05
6 El Periodiquerito [The Newspaper Seller]3:36
7 XX-Mendeko Izurritea [The Plague Of The 20th Century]4:06
8 Gora Beherak [Ups And Downs]3:17
9 Nork Esango Dit Nola? [Who Will Tell Me How?]3:36
10 Etorkizon Latza [Fucked-Up Future]4:44
11 Gazteri Gorria [Red Youth]5:12

According to back cover length of title 05 is 05:05, the real playtime is 03:17

English and Basque track title are both displayed on the back cover.
Lyric sheet with English and Basque lyrics.

Tracks 01, 02 taken from "Arnasa Hartu"
Tracks 03 - 06 taken from "Arren Erro Zaharra"
Track 07 taken from "Betagarri" (It's stated wrong in the credit sheet as "From the album M065CD Betagarri. M065CD is from Fermín Muguruza, so it should be M063CD Betagarri: Betagarri)
Tracks 08 - 11 taken from "Freaky Festa"

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