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Bill Hader debuts parody of Anthony Scaramucci on SNL’s Weekend Update: Watch

When it comes to the Trump administration, there’s a constant stream of material to satire — even in the doldrums of summer. Thus, SNL is getting an early start on its 43rd season with a run of special primetime editions of Weekend Update. The inaugural episode aired tonight and featured the latest in a string of on-the-nose impersonations of Trump associates, which already included Kate McKinnon’s KellyAnne Conway, Melissa McCarthy’s Sean Spicer, and Beck Bennett’s Vladimir Putin, among others. Tonight, former SNL cast member Bill Hader returned to 30 Rock to debut his take on Trump’s ill-fated communications director, Anthony Scaramucci.

In an interview with Weekend Update host Michael Che, Hader’s Scaramucci was asked about the expletive-filled rant that led to his firing. “How can I say this for the censors? I said Steve Bannon was S-ing his own C,” Hader said. “By the by, I was completely misquoted. I didn’t say that Bannon tried to S his own C … he did it!”. Watch the segment below.

Unfortunately, the real-life Scaramucci no longer has a job at the White House, so it remains to be seen whether Hader makes any further appearances when SNL proper returns later this fall.

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