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Bloggin Rotten’s Spotlight on Independence (Part 17) Recess Records (San Pedro, CA)

What/who inspired you into setting up a record label ?

Long story but I used to make demo tapes to sell at skateboard contests. It was just me doing 4 track recordings by myself (FYP). People bought em and I thought “vinyl would be better”. So I pressed an FYP 7” in 1990 (F.Y.P-Extra Credit 7” – Recess#1). Sold those and did another one. That snowballed into what’s going on today.

What’s been your highlights as a label to date ?

My highlights as a label have been to still be a label in 2019!

How have you managed to keep a record label running in an age of easy access digital streaming ?

That’s a great question! I really don’t know. Besides the loyal Recess customers, whom are truly saints!

Albums don’t sell for anyone anymore, Its sad, I’m already seeing the after effects from it. Much more watered down music created by people who have money. It takes money to make albums and tour etc, so nowadays, if you don’t have it or get it, you can’t do it. Broke ass motherfuckers have always made the best music, the desperation is missing. I think the main reason Recess is still alive is cos I still love making music, and always try to hustle a way to keep doing it. I go into debt and then something happens to get outta debt. It’s kinda a fun game.

Any funny stories you can tell the readers about your label, or the bands you have put out ?

Yes. A band from AL once bullied their way onto Recess by leaving a message on my answering machine that said “hey we got this 7” from my band called Joey Tampon & Toxic Shocks and it’s going to be on Recess. Bye”. A month later I received so me 7”s by the band and it had the Recess logo on it. It was pretty good so I guess I didn’t mind.

What inspired the name you have given your label ?

Well FYP had a “I hate school” theme to it. I was just finishing the cover layout for the 7”,to take to the printer an hour later, when I noticed a rub off sheet with logos and graphics.( This was at World Industries). It was the teeter totter logo and I decided at the last minute to call the label  “recess records”. Then off to the printer!

Any rad releases you have planned you can tell us about ?

I’m doing an interesting project with Mike Watt thats semi hush hush that I’m excited about. More details on that soon!

If you could put out a record from any band still going/or split up, who would it be?

Jesus and Mary Chain…..

Go check out the label out here Recess Records (Band Camp) + Recess Records (Website/Web Store)

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