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Band Name: Blood For Blood

Music Album: Spit My Last Breath

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Hardcore

Record Label: Lost Disciple Records

Album Release Country: United States

Music Record Type: 12 Tracks CD Album

Blood For Blood is a "Punk Rock Hard Core Rock N' Roll" band from Boston, Massachusetts, USA, formed in 1994 by Rob Lind.
The band went on hiatus after the release of their Mini-Album "Serenity", but was resurrected in 2010.

Erick "Buddha" Medina had to leave Blood For Blood in July 2012. Since then there has been no activity from the band but bassist Ian McFarland and Rob Lind have stated that if they do anything in the future it will not inlude Medina.
In a 2015 interview with Dying Scene, Rob Lind made clear that there are no plans to resurrect Blood For Blood.


12 Tracks
1 Piss All Over Your Hopes And Dreams2:37
2 Maldito3:47
3 Can't Heal2:57
4 Soulless4:54
5 Fade5:23
6 Spit My Last Breath4:40
7 Jaded2:31
8 Waiting For The Moment4:39
9 Redemption Denied9:30
10a Hurt You0:04
10b Paper Gangster0:06
10c Chaos And The Strain11:51

Recorded at The Outpost (Stoughton, MA) January 18th-21st 1997.

Bonus tracks (10a, 10b, 10c) taken from "Hurt You" demo.

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