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Blood For Blood – Wasted Youth Brew (2020) CD

Band: Blood For Blood

Album: Wasted Youth Brew

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Thrash Hardcore

Label: Victory Records

Release Country: United States

Record Type: 25 Tracks CD

Blood For Blood is a "Punk Rock Hard Core Rock N' Roll" band from Boston, Massachusetts, USA, formed in 1994 by Rob Lind.
The band went on hiatus after the release of their Mini-Album "Serenity", but was resurrected in 2010.

Erick "Buddha" Medina had to leave Blood For Blood in July 2012. Since then there has been no activity from the band but bassist Ian McFarland and Rob Lind have stated that if they do anything in the future it will not inlude Medina.
In a 2015 interview with Dying Scene, Rob Lind made clear that there are no plans to resurrect Blood For Blood.

25 Tracks
1 When The Storm Comes (I'll Stand Alone)2:34
2 Goin' Down The Bar3:05
3 No Friend Of Mine2:40
4 All This & More3:13
5 Intro1:23
6 Spit My Last Breath4:42
7 Can't Heal2:52
8 Piss All Over Your Hopes And Dreams2:33
9 Soulless4:40
10 Hurt You2:50
11 Chaos3:32
12 Paper Gangster2:17
13 The Strain2:59
14 Life2:37
15 Intro (Live)0:45
16 No Tomorrow (Live)1:50
17 Bitch Called Hope (Live)2:52
18 Cheap Wine (Live)2:34
19 Piss All Over Your Hopes & Dreams (Live)3:03
20 Maldito (Live)0:51
21 Soulless (Live)5:21
22 Revenge On Society (Live)4:24
23 Eulogy For A Dream (Live)2:55
24 Nothing For You (Live)2:23
25 Paper Gangster (Live)4:06

(Tracks 1-2) from the split 7" with the Hudson Falcons on Flat/TKO Records.

(Track 3) from the V/A - Tribute to Slapshot.

(Track 4) from the V/A - "Punk Rock Jukebox Vol. 2" on Blackout Records.

(Tracks 5-9) from the "V/A - Kickboxing Is Not A Crime" on RPP Records.

(Tracks 7-9) also appeared on the Soulless 7" on Devour Records.

(Tracks 10-13) from the 1995 "Hurt You" demo, also appeared as bonus on the "Spit My Last Breath" CD on Lost Disciple Records.

(Track 14) from the unreleased 1994 demo

(Tracks 15-25) were all recorded live at the beautiful Middle East Club in Boston, MA on 01/06/01.

β„— & Β© 2001 Victory Records.

Rated 4.5/5 based on 79 customer reviews

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