Boilermaker were a three-piece post-hardcore/emo band from San Diego, California that were around from 1992 to 2002. They released three full-lengths of incredible material, featuring these sprawling, dynamic instrumentals of octave chords, rumbling bass riffs, and tight drumming. Vocally, they were very intense, and hit the sweet spot between strained and melodic. Without a doubt they are one of most underrated post-hardcore bands of their decade, and deserve a lot more attention than they’ve gotten.

I’ve had my reservations about posting them for a long time because I admittedly don’t have a good chunk of their material, though you can listen to it on Youtube and such. Currently, I only have one of their full-lengths, a compilation track, and their compilation containing select tracks from all three albums. I’m missing two full-lengths thank you to Anonymous!, two EP’s, and one split. Normally I would not post a band when I have less than half of their recorded output, but I saw a couple requests for them on the Jejune post and just said fuck it. I’m posting this with the hope that someone else out there has the stuff I’m missing, so I can add it in and get a fuller discography for this band, because they deserve the attention. So if you’ve got anything else by them, please send it my way! Also, the links are Mega  because Zippyshare has been giving me issues. Enjoy.

1. Roller-Rink Skate Date
2. Hill
3. Switch
4. Ladyfinger
5. Lot 235
6. Crispin Glover Weekend
7. Slingshot
8. Alone
9. Trunk
10. Dark Island
1. Iris
2. Backseat Boat
3. Slow Down
4. Jingle Dell
5. Last Good Growth
6. Shepherd
7. Five Lined Skink
8. Phil The Water Sweep
9. Pathos Delay
10. Breach

5. Slingshot
1. Norman
2. Midnight Manager
3. Last Stop On The Way To Vegas
4. Last On The Drive 
5. 01/10/98
6. Sunset Ridge
7. From Phoenix At Four
8. Tumbleweed
9. Here Comes Rolling
10. Thinner Runs Through Her
11. Bluebird

1. Whitewash
2. Roller Rink Skate Date
3. Hill
4. Switch
5. Lot 235
6. Trunk
7. Iris
8. Slow Down
9. Last Good Growth
10. Pathos Delay
11. Breach
12. Norman
13. Last Stop On The Way To Vegas
14. Last On The Drive
15. Sunset Ridge
16. Thinner Runs Through Her
17. Cruel Heart

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