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Band Name: Boris The Sprinkler

Music Album: Drugs & Masturbation

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Pop

Record Label: Mutant Pop

Album Release Country: United States

Music Record Type: 3 Tracks Vinyl Album 7"

Punk rock band from Green Bay, Wisconsin. Formed in 1992. Known for their flamboyant satirical style with a supplemental dash of bizarre imagery to keep things interesting. They have released full length albums on the Bulge and Go-Kart record labels.

Members include:
Reverend Nørb - Vocals, keytar, guitar, harmonica (born Norb Rozek)
Paul #1 - Guitar (born Paul Schroder)
Eric #1 Lee - Bass
Ronny Johnny Kispert - Drums

Later members included:
Eric #2 James - Bass, vocals, recording engineer
Ric Six - Bass
Paul #2 - Drums
Tim 00 – bass
LP – guitar

3 Tracks
A1 Drugs And Masturbation (Extended Pacific Northwest Hit Novelty Single Version)4:18
B1 Yeah Yeah2:25
B2 Yeah Yeah No0:32

1st Pressing (Mutant Pop Records):
*300 Purple
*300 Orange [THIS]
*300 Gold
*300 Green
*300 White
*175 Clear - Mispress containing alternate b-side tracks.
NOTE: First picture sleeve version with purple spot color.

2nd Pressing (Mutant Pop Records):
*275 Black - First picture sleeve version with purple spot color.
*140 Black - Mimi Records Sleeves (Black photos on blue border).
*60 Black - Mimi Records Sleeves (Blue photos on black border)

3rd Pressing(Mutant Pop Records):
*1,000 Light Blue - With unique picture sleeve featuring blue spot color.

4th Pressing (Killer Records):
*315 Red - Second picture sleeve version with red spot color.
*315 Blue - Second picture sleeve version with blue spot color.
*315 Green - Second picture sleeve version with green spot color. Which is a mispress containing alternate b-side tracks different from any other pressing.
*315 Picture Disc

5th Pressing:
*300 Pink - A/B Matrix Etchings
*300 Pink - A/E Matrix Etchings
*300 Pink - AA/B Matrix Etchings
*275 Pink - AA/E Matrix Etchings
*108 Pink - With “Emergency Sleeves” which were a black & white double sided single sheet cover with a hand-stamped blue sleeve. The matrixes are mixed.
NOTE: Some are solid and some are marbled pink vinyl.

Recorded at Simple Studios, Green Bay.

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