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Appalachian Terror Unit - We will continue to break the law and destroy property until we win

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Bowling For Soup – Let’s Do It For Johnny!! (2020) CD Album

Band: Bowling For Soup

Album: Let's Do It For Johnny!!

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Alternative Rock Pop Rock

Label: Ffroe Records

Release Country: United States

Record Type: 13 Tracks CD Album

American Pop-Punk band which originally formed in Wichita Falls, Texas in 1994. Now based in Denton, Texas.
Bowling For Soup's unique brand of hooked filled pop punk music has gone all around the world and back again. Songs such as “High School Never Ends,” “Punk Rock 101,” “1985” and of course the Grammy nominated “Girl All The Bad Guys Want” are proving extremely popular in the modern streaming world.
Finding their niche back in the 1990's would be tough when the musical climate was in serious shift. "We were just the stereotypical, small town guys with nothing else to do - starting a band to keep ourselves out of trouble" recalls frontman Jaret Reddick looking back. Brought up on a heady diet of 80's John Hughes Movies, LA Hair Metal, Steve Martin comedy routines (which spawned the band's name) and hook laden punk rock, BFS hit the ground running on the simple blueprint - have a good time and pretty soon, everyone else will join in!
In early 2016, they toured the UK with "How About Another Round Tour" to wild acclaim. The success of that tour brought a new experience for the band with their first ever arena tour in the UK alongside Steel Panther in October of that year, winning rave reviews. After the arena tour, the band released the studio album Drunk Dynasty, and their inaugural acoustic live album and DVD, Acoustic In A Freakin' English Church.
Spring 2017 brought Bowling For Soup's most high profile UK festival slot (...)

13 Tracks
1 Suckerpunch3:16
2 The Bitch Song3:22
3 Pictures He Drew3:22
4 Dance With You3:28
5 You And Me4:04
6 Scope3:31
7 Valentino3:26
8 Belgium3:22
9 Andrew2:03
10 Boulevard3:32
11 Hang On3:35
12 Summer Of '693:03
13 All Figured Out4:12

All songs Published By – Zomba Enterprises, Inc. / Drop Your Pants Publishing (Adm. By Zomba Enterprises, Inc.) except "Scope" and "Belgium" published by Zomba Enterprises, Inc. / Drop Your Pants Publishing (Adm. By Zomba Enterprises Inc.) (ASCAP)/Copyright Control and "Summer of '69" Published By Irving Music, Inc. / Adams Communications, Inc. (BMI) / Almo Music Corp. / Testatyme Music

Rated 4.5/5 based on 45 customer reviews

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