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Bucket Full Of Teeth

Bucket Full Of Teeth were a screamo/powerviolence band from Massachusetts that were around from 2002 to 2004. They were formed by Will Killingsworth (formerly of Orchid, also in Ampere, as well as producer extraordinaire), and included former Orchid bassist Brad Wallace. They were formed shortly after the dissolution of Orchid. Despite the obvious ties to their former band, Bucket Full Of Teeth really find their own voice. They began as a powerviolence project, but began incorporating elements of experimental noise into their break-neck chaos, and fusing different elements of heavy music into their progressive mix. They put out 3 projects in 2002 (which were later released together), and then returned in 2004 for their swan song, which is debatably their best release. This is a super unique and underrated project, so definitely check ’em out. Enjoy.

1. It’s A Setup
2. Conditional Response
3. Selective Amnesia
4. These Frequencies Are Ours
5. Self-Induced Coma
6. If Everything Has A Price Then Nothing Has Value
7. Grind In A Tin Can
8. Piss In The I.V.
9. Dreams Of Dead Bosses
10. Sickened
11. Wake Up
12. Standing On Top Of A Mountain
13. Hollow
14. Exit Only

1. Psychosis
2. 23 Reasons To Play Grindcore
3. Coughing Up Wires
4. Empty Dreams
5. Empty Faces
6. Raised On Failure
7. Lost Keys
8. Null

1. Technical Desires
2. Dark Colossus
3. It’s Heating Up
4. Listen
5. Here’s Your Warning
6. Morizar
7. ForkTie Response
8. Broadcast
9. Anger Of Convenience
10. Basic Delusions
11. 11302
12. Blast For Humanity

1. Imperfect Vibrations
2. Capital Distracts And Imprisons
3. The Dream Continues
4. A Morbid Gathering
5. The Path
6. Comfort Made Us Passive
7. Error Is Progress
8. Confessions
9. The Present Forsaken
10. A Hopeful Sound
11. Embrace The Current Of Time
12. Let Us Resonate

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