Buzzcocks – Love Bites (1978) Vinyl Album LP

Band: Buzzcocks

Album: Love Bites

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock New Wave

Label: United Artists Records

Release Country: United Kingdom

Record Type: 11 Tracks Vinyl Album LP

Feb 1976 Pete Shelley real name Peter McNeish (born 1955), Howard Devoto real name Howard Trafford (born 1952). They decide to start a band and chance upon a headline: "It's The Buzz, Cock!" Apr 1, 1976 Pete Shelley - guitar, Howard Devoto - vocals, Garth Davies (Smith) - bass, Mick Singleton - drums. Notes: One gig. No released recordings. Jul 20, 1976 - Feb 1977 Pete Shelley - Starway guitar, Howard Devoto - vocals, Steve Diggle (born 1956) - bass, John Maher - drums Mar 11, 1977 - Oct 7, 1977 Pete Shelley - guitar, vocals, Steve Diggle - guitar John Maher - drums, Garth Smith - bass Nov 1977 Pete Shelley - guitar, vocals, Steve Diggle - guitar, John Maher - drums, Barry Adamson (on loan from MAGAZINE) - bass Barry Adamson filled in on bass while they held auditions for a permanent bassist. This lineup played 6 dates in November to complete a tour. No released recordings. Nov 1977 - Mar 6, 1981, (reformed) 1989, (reformed again) Jan 29 - Feb 18, 1992 Pete Shelley - guitar, vocals, keyboards, Steve Diggle - guitar, vocals, John Maher - drums, Steve Garvey (born 1958) - bass The reformed group toured, but released no studio recordings. In 1992 they performed 11 gigs in Europe. There were no studio recordings. Jan 31, 1990 - Dec 22, 1991 Pete Shelley - guitar, vocals, Steve Diggle - guitar, vocals Steve Garvey - bass, Mike Joyce (ex VICTIM, ex SMITHS) - drums Ap (...)

11 Tracks
A1 Real World3:29
A2 Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn't 've?)2:40
A3 Operators Manual3:30
A4 Nostalgia2:51
A5 Just Lust2:57
A6 Sixteen Again3:14
B1 Walking Distance1:58
B2 Love Is Lies3:10
B3 Nothing Left4:23
B4 E.S.P.4:39
B5 Late For The Train5:51

This is the original first press release, which is embossed on the front - and rear side. On the frontside are embossed the words "Buzzcocks" and "Love", on the backside is embossed the word "Bites".
Includes a 12"x12" insert with portraits and credits.

On Cover:

Appetent Images.
©℗1978 United Artists Music and Records Group Inc.
® Trademarks used by United Artists Records Ltd. under authorisation.
Marketed by United Artists Records.

On Labels:

Virgin Music (Publishers) Ltd.
℗1978 United Artists Records Ltd.
Made in England
A product of United Artists Records Ltd

On Insert:

Recorded at Olympic Studios, Barnes • Saturday 29 July - Sunday 6 August • Custom-built console
Mixed at Advision • Friday 11 August - Wednesday 16 August • Quad B Compumix

Paintings [...] courtesy The Worst.

Original generic inner sleeve with rounded corners (Patent Nos. 1.125.555 478 MADE IN GREAT BRITAIN)

Other versions exist without CBS Aston Clinton metalwork (Buzzcocks - Love Bites)

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