D.R.I. Dirty Rotten Imbeciles
Confuse - Spending loud night

Subhumans - Rats
Avskum - Uppror underifran

Choking Victims - Things keep getting caught in my throat
Oldschool hardcore

Carry On

Carry On were a five-piece straight edge hardcore band from Atascadero, California that formed in 1996 and broke up in 2005. They released three EP’s (two of which were later included in a single compilation) and one LP, which was one of Bridge 9’s earliest releases. A Life Less Plagued is an undisputed classic, and still holds up today as one of the most notable hardcore releases since the turn of the century. They played an incredibly fast and aggressive style of hardcore similar to bands such as contemporaries American Nightmare, No Warning and In My Eyes, with a ton of Youth Crew influence from bands like Floorpunch and Chain Of Strength. Another notable thing about them is one of their guitarists, Todd Jones, who has since been active in a  ton of other incredible bands, particularly Nails, Terror, Betrayed, and Internal Affairs. Enjoy.

1. Stabbed In The Face
2. Girl Song
3. Battlefield
4. Pride
1. Reason For Change
2. The Line Is Drawn
3. Problem Solved
4. Pushing Forward
5. Move Along
6. What Once Was
1. Roll With The Punches
2. Fuck Your Politics
3. It’s Over
4. Off My Chest
5. We’re Not One
6. Check Yourself

1. Roll With The Punches
2. Fuck Your Politics
3. It’s Over
4. Off My Chest
5. We’re Not One
6. Check Yourself
7. Pushing Forward
8. Reason For Change
9. The Line Is Drawn
10. Problem Solved
11. Pushing Forward (Version 1)
12. Move Along
13. What Once Was
14. Set The Pace

1. The View
2. Waiting On Forever
3. Killing A Sound
4. Roll With The Punches
5. Mirrors And Needles
6. Is This All There Is?
7. A Life Less Plagued
8. X’s Always Win
9. So Much of You
10. Off My Chest
11. Broken Strings
12. Rethinking

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