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CCCP – Fedeli Alla Linea – Ortodossia II° (1985) Vinyl 12″

Band: CCCP - Fedeli Alla Linea

Album: Ortodossia II°

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock

Label: Attack Punk Records

Release Country: United Kingdom

Record Type: 4 Tracks Vinyl 12"

Founding members: Giovanni Lindo Ferretti and Massimo Zamboni.

Other members: Umberto Negri, Ignazio Orlando, Carlo Chiapparini, Antonella Giudici, Danilo Fatur

CCCP - Fedeli Alla Linea is the most famous and legendary Italian punk band of the 1980s. The use of minimal and repetitive guitar sounds, drum machine and declaimed vocals was closer to Crass and the British anarcho-punk scene, although their sound was so personal and unique that it never was punk in the strict sense of the term.

The original members of the band met in Berlin in 1982 and formed the band, playing some concerts in the north of Germany. Later they returned to Italy and published their first 7" "Ortodossia" on the legendary Attack Punk Records in 1984, soon followed by the picture 12" "Compagni, Cittadini, Fratelli, Partigiani". The first LP came in 1986 and was entitled "Affinità-Divergenze Fra Il Compagno Togliatti E Noi (Del Conseguimento Della Maggiore Età)".

CCCP - Fedeli Alla Linea, since their very name, created huge scandals in the Italy of the 1980s, dominated by yuppies, pro-Americanism and a second economic boom. The band exploited Soviet imagery and symbols, the complex and visionary lyrics attacked Western society and its myths, provocatively countering them with Soviet Union, Socialism and even the Muslim world. They defined their own music as "Pro-Soviet punk".

In 1990, after the collapse of th (...)

4 Tracks
A1 Live In Pankow
A2 Mi Ami?
A3 Spara Jurij
B1 Punk Islam

Red vinyl released for the UK.
A carboard folded poster,
with the english translation
of the lyrics, is included.

Rated 4.5/5 based on 206 customer reviews

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