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Civil Disobedience – In A Few Hours Of Madness… (1993) Vinyl 7″

Band: Civil Disobedience

Album: In A Few Hours Of Madness...

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Hardcore

Label: Havoc Records

Release Country: United States

Record Type: 4 Tracks Vinyl 7"

Civil Disobedience (Punk Rock / Hardcore band - Michigan, US) : was formed in Saginaw, Michigan as the result of two local bands, the Belligerents and D.F.C., merging into one band, in late 1989, early 1990. Civil Disobedience (referred to by many as Civil D for short) was inspired by many forms of music, but first and foremost, the music band members had grown up on, the Hardcore/Punk rock and Thrash metal of the 1980’s. Taking an active role in the re-emerging Hardcore scene of the early 1990’s, the band went on to write, record and play some of the most unique and inspiring Punk Rock / Hardcore of that decade. Their music has only grown in popularity and impact since. Core Members remain active in music, writing, ect. The band members have recently started their own label H.F.T. records to handle all past and upcoming releases. 

Political Prisoners Demo (self released 1992) 
Political Prisoners remastered MP3 (H.F.T. records 2012)
In a Few Hours of Madness… E.P (Havoc 1994)
In a Few hours of Madness…E.P. remastered MP3 (H.F.T.records 2012)
Skinny Studios Sessions (Comp tracks- Clean Plate Records 1995)
Die Human Race V/A Flexi (Profane Existence 1996)
Invention Extinction LP (Profane Existence 1996)
Invention Extinction LP remixed / remastered MP3 W/ bonus tracks (H.F.T. Records 2012)
Hindsight E.P. (unreleased recorded 1997)
Hindsight E.P. Bonus Tracks featured on Invention Extinction LP MP3 and Dis (...)

4 Tracks
Side Spinach
A1 Planet Of The Fakes
A2 Faith Not Sight
Side Virtual
B1 Manufactured Citizens
B2 The Unavoidable Process

First pressing of 1,000 copies on black vinyl.

This first version with full-bleed printed insert (subsequent pressings had photocopied inserts).

Rated 4.5/5 based on 160 customer reviews

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