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Cloud District are a four-piece indie/emo band from New Paltz, New York that formed in 2012. They released a new album earlier this year, Don’t Give Up, Skeleton is one of many fantastic emo relases this year that have been really sparking my re-interest in the genre. Trying to nail down its sound is really hard to do, since each song truly offers something different from the last. It’s like an amalgamation of every trend in the genre in the past few years, with some upbeat, personal storytelling (like “Hamster Camp”), some acoustic stuff (“Mug Drunk” is a definite highlight), some midwestern twinkly influence, some post-rock flashes (particularly “Necro…”), and my absolute favourite song on this whole thing, “2Sad2Swim”. They’re fantastic songwriters with a good energy to them, and keep this album very engaging throughout with the numerous sounds they can throw out. I cannot recommend this enough if you’re looking for some new emo/indie type stuff. Their previous album Almanacs is also solid front-to-back, so nab that too. Enjoy.

1. Cloud District – Natalie Dormer
2. Cloud District – Submerge
3. Mike Pays Heat – Oxygen
4. Mike Pays Heat – Breaking Pencils

1. Cuddle Puddle
2. Solstice
3. Conviction One
4. The Silence
5. Phil, The Silence
6. Please Consider Using This Song In Your Indie Movie
7. Driveways
8. The Guy from The World Is A Beautiful Place And I Am No Longer Afraid To Die Added Me On Snapchat
Note: This is a remastered version, the only version released in 2014 can be found here
1. You Are The Answer To My Security Question
2. You Will Never Be A Samurai
3. Natalie Dormer
4. Pillow Fort
5. Rosie
6. Infinite Chaz

1. Quinn Cicala – In A Diner In Poughkeepsie
2. City Mouth – Body And Blood
3. Cloud District – I Don’t Even Play Guitar In This Band
Note: All proceeds go to RAINN

1. Hamster Camp
2. Rise of the Eggplant Bandit
3. 2Sad2Swim
4. Swear I Saw You Rockin’ Part I
5. Swear I Saw You Rockin’ Part II
6. Mug Drunk
7. 48
8. I Don’t Even Play Guitar In This Band
9. Don’t Give Up, Skeleton
10. Queso Besos
11. Necronomnomnomicon
12. Swear I Saw You Rockin’ Part III

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