Combatwoundedveteran were a five-piece screamo/grindcore band from both Ithica, New York, and Tampa, Florida that were around from 1996 to 2003. They were associated with No Idea Records, and are known for putting out splits with some other incredible bands (Orchid, Reversal Of Man), as well as being incredible on their own. They played short bursts of violent, noisy screamo, which dipped into emoviolence and grindcore. Their entire discography was compiled in 2005, though also I included their sole LP, I Know A Girl Who Develops Crime Scene Photos if you wanted it on its own. Enjoy.

1. My Spine! My Spine! My Spine!
2. Watching Stock Car Racing On My Wedding Night
3. Propaganda Films Shot With A Sitcom Script
4. I Talk, You Listen
5. You’ll Never Be Where I Am, Ever In Your Life
6. Fuck The Ghouls
7. Mercury Streams, The Proliferation Of Foreign Matter
8. One Arm Left
9. Folded Space-Lead Poisoning And Distortion
10. You Win, I’m Stupid
11. Appendix – Proportion Zero
12. Operation – Head Superimposed
13. You Make Statements Concerning Things You Know Nothing About
14. Christ, My Leg Is Sore
15. Let The Surgical Strike Begin
16. One Third Of The Perfect Man
17. The 7-10 Split
18. The Party Asteroid Apocalypse
19. (Bonus Track)

1. Eat More Blood Money
2. With Love, Your Mother
3. I Gotta’ Sling Shot, Wanna Get Hurt?
4. Completed In Three Easy Steps
5. Six! Two! Two! Mayhem
6. Put ‘Em In A Body Bag Johnny
7. The Brown Tie Is A Clip-On
8. Dead Parents, Yea!
9. Kill L.I.N.C.O.L.N.
10. Some People Ask Too Many Questions
11. The Tri-Lamb Shadow Kick Meltdown
12. God, Guns, & Guts
13. Put Your Weight On It
14. Ted, Me, & Al Green
15. Dance, Asshole
16. Say Yes, To Cathode Ray Rock
17. Cumbersome Ant People
18. We Sticks Butter
19. My Foot, The Catheter
20. …And Other Sinister Motives
21. Economic Downturn
22. Hank Cut Out His Bowels Again
23. I Talk, You Listen (Version: Lo Fi)
24. Rocks In A Blender
25. Kill The Translator
26. Shift X 1000
27. I’m Sweet, I’m Sexy, & I’m Oh So Chocolate
28. Plastic Bullets Are So ’84
29. I Hope You Get Cancelled
30. I’ve Gotta’ Slingshot, Wanna Get Hurt? (Again, Faster!)
31. The Rise Of A Thousand Prosthetic Limbs
32. What The Hell?
33. Shit 3:16
34. Also Comes In Red, Orange & Fuck You
35. Disembowelment At Room Temperature
36. Black Hair Dye, Aisle 6
37. “Jane, You Ignorant Slut”/ Power Failure In The Suburbs
38. Operation: Super Imposed Head (Prelude)
39. And When I Swing Around, I Will Destroy You
40. Q:What Kind Of (A Band) Name Is Scrotum Grinder? A: A Terrible One
41. We Are Geniuses
42. Asshole Means I Am Better Than You

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