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Band Name: Cops And Robbers

Music Album: Face To Face With Hate

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Hardcore

Record Label: Xclaim! (2)

Album Release Country: United States

Music Record Type: 10 Tracks Vinyl 7"

COPS AND ROBBERS is: Micah - Vocals, Tommy Von - Drums, Jay Toothaker - Bass, Josh Barnes (RIP) - Guitar , Adam - Guitar.

Cops and Robbers formed in the ashes of the Pinkerton Thugs in late 1999. Micah and Tom had the idea of starting an old style hardcore band, something Boston hadn't seen in years, with the exception of Out Cold, Fit for Abuse and the newly formed A Poor Excuse. Jaye and Adam Beatham where recruited to form the band and record the first 7" for Mark Unseen's A.D.D. records. The 7" was received with lukewarm reviews, but the band nevertheless played many shows, in particular with Darkbuster, A Poor Excuse, Last In Line, Down But Not Out and the Unseen. Adam decided to leave the band for personal reasons and we acquired Josh Barnes from the recently broken up A Poor Excuse. It was this lineup of CNR that the band really came into its own and began to write some of their best material. Bridge Nine records offered to release our next 7", "Execution Style". Right after the record was released, we did our first tour with our brothers from western mass, Last in Line. Two weeks of insanity followed, playing to almost no one, but destroying every night. CNR had left a mark on the east coast and the bands popularity was growing. What would be the last CNR show in Brick, NJ, the band sold almost 100 copies of the Bridge Nine ep. CNR took a break while other members where dealing with personal issues and other musical projects. A full l (...)

10 Tracks
A1 Cops And Robbers
A2 Face To Face
A3 Dropping Like Flies
A4 Liar
A5 Firing Squad
A6 Buried Alive
B1 Too Late
B2 Lost Cause
B3 This Is Boston, Fuck L.A.
B4 Desensitized

Recorded 2/6 - 2/7, 2000 at Guink Mobile Studios
Two-sided printed insert with lyrics, liner notes and band picture.

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