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Band Name: Crisis (2)

Music Album: The Guilty Have A Past - Singles & Demos 1977-1979

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock

Record Label: State Laughter Records

Album Release Country:

Music Record Type: 14 Tracks Vinyl LP

Copyright company is Crisis (5)

Crisis started out in late 70s UK with the rise of the punk movement. They were at the forefront of the political take on punk. Their songs were about the state of the country, the government and anti-Nazism. They released three 7" singles and a mini-LP. They split in 1980.

14 Tracks
The Singles
A1 Holocaust
A2 PC 1984
A3 No Town Hall
A4 White Youth
A5 UK 78
A6 Brükwood Hospital
A7 Alienation
The Demos
B1 Militant
B2 Kill
B3 PC 1984
B4 UK 78
B5 Red Brigades
B6 Afraid
B7 Back In The U.S.S.R.

Regular version has a red and white silkscreened folded sleeve and is limited to 495 copies. it exist another version limited to 50 numbered copies in an orange and white silk-screened folded cover.

Comes in a plain white sleeve with a separate 12" cover printing and an A4 info sheet with track-list and credits. The track-list of side A has the wrong order.

Original A side track listing:

A1 Holocaust
A2 PC 1984
A3 No Town Hall
A4 UK 78
A5 White Youth
A6 Alienation
A7 Brükwood Hospital

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