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Dave Grohl buys his 8-year-old daughter AC/DC album instead of Lana Del Rey

Rolling Stone’s new cover story on Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters is a sprawling, fascinating thing that offers a moving look at Grohl’s reaction to the death of Chris Cornell alongside a look how the iconic rocker is coping with becoming an old dude in the scene. One anecdote that somehow finds Grohl a fish out of water at Amoeba Records highlights that latter topic in a particularly hilarious fashion.

On a journey to the Los Angeles institution to buy his eight-year old daughter Harper an Imagine Dragons record, Grohl sought to subtly influence her taste by also picking up an AC/DC album. “You can’t go wrong with ‘Highway to Hell’”, he tells Rolling Stone.

Unfortunately, the store was more or less overwhelmed by an undulating mass of Lana Del Rey fans, all of whom were there for the singer’s imminent in-store performance. Surrounded by young girls who had no clue who he was, Grohl snaked his way through the crowd to secure the albums for his daughter. As the piece details, one young girl took particular exception to his presence.

But to a store full of teenage Lana Del Rey fans, Grohl is just a long-haired middle-age guy who’s in their way. As he works through the crowd, one young woman looks particularly vexed. “Is the store still open?” she asks him pointedly. “They told us it was going to be shut for the next hour.”

Grohl looks contrite. “I’m just getting my daughter an Imagine Dragons record,” he says.

The girl narrows her eyes. “You should buy her a Lana record,” she says.

Grohl smiles and holds up his LP. “I got her AC/DC?”

Grohl may be collaborating with the likes of Deadmau5 and Justin Timberlake these days (and some have trashed him for “making rock ‘n’ roll safer” for that very reason), but you can’t say he’s not doing his best to raise a new generation of rockers. And by the look of it, he’s been successful; Harper recently joined Foo Fighters on stage and played drums.

Foo Fighters’ new album, Concrete and Gold, is due out next Friday, September 15th.



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