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Dead Kennedys – The Early Years Live (1987) DVD

Band: Dead Kennedys

Album: The Early Years Live

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock

Label: Music Video Distributors

Release Country: United States

Record Type: 9 Tracks DVD

Legendary punk band hailing from San Francisco, formed in 1978 & fronted by the even more legendary Jello Biafra (Eric Boucher). They split up in the mid-80s, and there has been animosity between Jello and the rest of the band since the late '90s, with a recent court case awarding all the rights to all the songs to the rest of the band.

9 Tracks
1 California Über Alles
2 Kill The Poor
3 Drug Me
4 The Man With The Dogs
5 Insight
6 Let's Lynch The Landlord
7 Bleed For Me
8 Holiday In Cambodia
9 Viva Las Vegas

Videotaped and edited by Joe Reese / Target Video.

Design by John Joh / Substandard Records.

1: Mabuhay Gardens, San Francisco 1979

2: 330 Grove Street, San Francisco 1979

3: Mabuhay Gardens, San Francisco 1979

4: Mabuhay Gardens, San Francisco 1980

5: Mabuhay Gardens, San Francisco 1980

6: Mabuhay Gardens, San Francisco 1980

7: Target Studios, San Francisco 1981

8: Target Studios, San Francisco 1981

9: Sproul Plaza, Berkeley, 1978

DVD Features:

Dolby Digital Stereo

Sing-a-long Option

Region 0 DVD (All Region Compatible)

Band Biography

Total running time: 30 minutes

Rated 4.5/5 based on 196 customer reviews

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