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Descendents – Two Things At Once (1986) CD

Band: Descendents

Album: Two Things At Once

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Hardcore

Label: SST Records

Release Country: United States

Record Type: 23 Tracks CD

Descendents were formed in 1977 as an acoustic duo by Frank Navetta, and David Nolte. Bill Stevenson soon hooked up with the duo as their drummer. At the end of 1977, Nolte became bass player for the The Last and that group took precedent over David's commitment to the Descendents, so he was replaced by Tony Lombardo, although David stuck around briefly to sing with the band. Their first release (as a trio at the time with Navetta and Lombardo handling vocals) was the Ride The Wild / It's A Hectic World 7" in the style of melodic garage pop.
In 1980 they enlisted Milo Aukerman, Stevenson and Navetta's classmate and a constant presence at Descendents' rehearsals, as a singer, and reappeared as a 'proper' punk band, becoming a major player in the hardcore scene developing in Los Angeles at the time.
Their debut album the following year, descendents_two_things_at_once.zip


23 Tracks
1 Myage2:00
2 I Wanna Be A Bear0:40
3 I'm Not A Loser1:28
4 Parents1:37
5 Tonyage0:55
6 M-160:40
7 I'm Not A Punk1:01
8 Catalina1:44
9 Suburban Home1:40
10 Statue Of Liberty1:58
11 Kabuki Girl1:09
12 Marriage1:37
13 Hope1:58
14 Bikeage2:12
15 Jean Is Dead1:31
16 My Dad Sucks0:35
17 Mr. Bass2:05
18 I Like Food0:16
19 Hey Hey1:31
20 Weinerschnitzel0:10
21 Global Probing1:05
22 Ride The Wild2:30
23 It's A Hectic World1:52

Compilation of 'Milo Goes To College' and 'Bonus Fat'

Tracks 1-15 originally appeared on "Milo Goes To College" (New Alliance Records, 1982).

Tracks 16-20 originally appeared on "FAT" EP (New Alliance Records, 1981).

Track 21 originally appeared on "Chunks" compilation (New Alliance Records, 1981).

Tracks 22 & 23 originally appeared on "The Ride The Wild/Its A Hectic World" 7" single (Pinsicato Records, 1980).

Tracks 16-23 were later compiled onto the "Bonus Fat" EP (New Alliance Records, 1985).

All songs © New Alliance Music (BMI)

℗ 1987 SST Records

Originally released on cassette in 1988.

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