DESECRATION-Who’s In Control 7" (1988)


Okay, I was living in the bay area when this Desecration was making waves in Arizona with Hippycore Records.  I wasn’t really familiar with them until I’d moved back East and was turned onto them by a Albany buddy by the name of Damon Douglas.  I was familiar with the Bay Area Desecration that featured Mr. Yost on vox, and members who went on to join/form Corrupted Morals.  At any rate the AZ. Desecration kicked some major ass as well, playing non stop thrash with vox that remind me a lot of Pushead in Septic Death.  This ep also featured a 4 song live 7″ flexi.  Great political lyrics backed by raging thrash tunes. This rip features the 7″ and flexi, Enjoy.

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