Destroy! – Burn This Racist System Down! (1992) Vinyl 7″ EP Repress

Band: Destroy!

Album: Burn This Racist System Down!

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Hardcore Crust

Label: Havoc Records

Release Country: United States

Record Type: 11 Tracks Vinyl 7" EP Repress

Destroy was a Minneapolis crust punk band. Destroy originally formed sometime in 1988, and broke up sometime in the spring of 1994. Members of Destroy went on to play in the following bands: Code-13, Damage Deposit, Nigel Pepper Cock, Brainoil, Disembodied, Look Back and Laugh, Stormcrow and Disrespect, among others.

11 Tracks
Side Chaos
A1 Banality Of Evil
A2 Get Used To It
A3 Gynocide
A4 Ode To Ramen
A5 Burn This Racist System Down
A6 Atomic Myopia
A7 Anthem / Ad Nauseum / F.Y.I.P.
Side Punk
B1 Crowd Control?
B2 Enforced Orthodoxy
B3 Prey In School
B4 Lethal Habits

3rd pressing from 1995 with Havoc logo on back cover. One sided fold-out sleeve with lyric insert that states this is the 3rd pressing and that 6,000 copies of this EP have been pressed to date, 300 on white vinyl.

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