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Didjits – Hey Judester / Fizzjob (2020) CD

Band: Didjits

Album: Hey Judester / Fizzjob

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock

Label: Touch And Go

Release Country: United States

Record Type: 22 Tracks CD

Didjits were a punk rock band from Mattoon, Illinois, USA. The band was formed in 1983 by brothers Rick (vocals & guitar) and Brad (drums) Sims, along with Doug Evans (bass). The trio's music was characterized by its high-energy guitar attack, which displayed a heavy influence of early rock 'n roll like Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee Lewis, and Rick Sim's smart aleck lyrics. Also of note was Rick Sims onstage persona, which consisted of the front man wearing suits and sunglasses while hurling insults at the audience. The group's debut LP, "Fizzjob" came out on their own Bam Bam Records in 1986. In 1988, the group signed to Touch & Go Records after the label heard an advance copy of their 2nd LP, "Hey Judester". The label would remain the band's home (with the exception of a few singles) for the rest of their career (they would also subsequently reissue "Fizzjob"). Following 1991's "Full Nelson Reilly", Brad Sims left the band to concentrate on work and family. Rey Washam was drafted to fill his spot on the band's 1992 EP "Little Miss Carriage". Todd Cole would take over the drum throne for the band's next LP, "Que Sirhan Sirhan" but the group split the following year.

In 2006, the original line-up reunited to perform at Touch & Go's 25th Anniversary Party, followed a week later by a show in Champaign, IL. Doug Evans pas (...)

22 Tracks
Hey Judester
1 Max Wedge1:39
2 Stingray1:42
3 Plate In My Head1:49
4 (Mama Had A) Skull Baby2:53
5 Under The Christmas Fish3:19
6 Lucille2:09
7 Joliet2:13
8 Axhandle2:00
9 Balls...Fire1:50
10 King Carp2:17
11 Stumpo Knee Grinder1:46
12 Dad2:34
13 Jerry Lee2:35
14 Hafta Be Cool To Rule / Wingtips2:28
15 California Surf Queen2:24
16 Pet Funeral2:47
17 C'mon Baby1:33
18 Fix Some Food Bitch2:21
19 Reflective Brain1:38
20 Beast Le Brutale1:58
21 Mexican Death Horse1:56
22 Elvis' Corvette1:35

2 LPs on one CD:
tracks 1 to 12: LP "Hey Judester" (1988)
tracks 13 to 22: LP "Fizzjob" (1986)

Rated 4.5/5 based on 241 customer reviews

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